Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Original Thailand Bungy Jump

Pattaya Bungee, the original and the highest bungee in Thailand.  Among 5 highest bungee in Asia. Kenape? Tak percaye ek...

The scare factor is sharpened by the creaky, rusting crane you must climb by foot. There’s a lagoon below to break the fall, but the plastic bags floating on the surface aren’t exactly reassuring.  Here is the best and safest Bungee Jump in Thailand. Overseen by S.A.N.Z. (Standard Association of New Zealand), the Bungy is run by highly experienced Jump Masters from New Zealand, England & Thailand. But without the danger there would be no rush, and without the rush it’d just be another casual outdoor activity.

31st Dec 2012, Mohamad Yusri Mohd Yusoff has successfully bungee jumped from 60 meter height. Did you know who is he?  That person is me. Hahahaha, bangga diri lak kan. Jangan marah k, melawak ja. Actually bungee jump is in my to do list and I achieve it. And I would like to share my bungee you guys...

The rules are simple and easy. If you think you are brave, then you pay for your jump fee, tighten up your leg and then climb up the crane, after that... you jump. Senang bercakap tapi susah nak buat.

Don't look down. This was the biggest mistake if you do bungee jumping.

What I feel when I jumped? Tobat rasa macam nak bunuh diri wei. Like the heart attack that’s fast approaching.

You only live once. You should try this crazy things. 

Still, you have to decide whether to take the risk. If it’s something that worries you so much that you’re unlikely to enjoy it. There will be someone on hand to give you a shove if you falter, but ultimately it is a choice you have to make and stand by yourself.

*Certificate Of Courage

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