Monday, May 14, 2012

Talat Nam - Klong Hae

What is Talat Nam? It is pronounce for "Pasar Air" or "Floating Market" in Siamese.
I was there for a several times and I really like to be there again...and again...
Located in Wat Klong Hae in Hatyai, this is the nearest floating market to Northern Malaysia. The best way to get there is by local public transport "tuk tuk". According to local people, this market was officially opened on August 2008.  Now Klong Hae become popular very quickly among local people and also among Malaysian. There is a lot of shops and paddle boats offering local goods, fruits and local food contained in environmental friendly containers like bamboo, banana leaves, coconut shells and clay pots. This market was separated into two division which is one section is for Halal food and the other one for exotic food liked fried worm, fried scorpion and many weird meals. This market very unique.

Images captured :
local people

talat nam

food traders

bekas minuman yang sangat special


visitors enjoyed the local food

exotic food

ulat goreng..yummy

 FYI : The market opens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to 9pm


  1. ha..slalu tgk dlm tb pasar air ni.
    teringin nk mkn ulat2 yg enak terhidang tu :p
    yusri, bile nk bwk kmi kesini?

    1. siap passport,smpai aloq staq roger gaban...pastu kita p..payong mkn minum lg cantek la..haha