Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Phuket is often overlooked in favour of the beaches, but there's a lot to see and do in PhuketFew islands can boast of such an abundance of sandy beaches and clear waters as Phuket. The winding coastal roads along the west coast offer stunning views and easy access to some of the world's finest beaches. Whether one wants to sample the frenetic pace of Patong or find solitude on a remote stretch of sand in the north, Phuket's beaches have it all for the sun seeker. The monsoon rains of May-October can bring unpredictable swimming conditions, so heed the posted flag warnings. While there's plenty to see on Phuket, several smaller surrounding islands, each offering unique sights of their own, are easily accessible within an hour or two by boat.

If you go to Phuket, nothing to be worried about accomodation. Various type of hotel, depend on your budget. "Worth it", tu ja yang mampu di ucapkan. Last time we stay at Nice Hotel Patong Beach, THB600 only per night but very nice and comfortable. Walking distance to the beach. I liked it!
Nice Hotel - Patong Beach

Nice bed
Nice room

Patong town not so busy compared to Phuket town. Siang ja la tak busy, malam jangan tnya la. Hehehe. During the day, the city is alive with markets, street vendors, shops galore, and just about any activity imaginable during daylight hours. Shop for your favorite brands, buy souvenirs, or pick up some unique, hand-made items like silk scarves and jewellery.
"tuk-tuk" ready to take you go

HRC Phuket - where rockers meet

Disco advertising

One of the most popular spectator sports in Thailand, and now gaining world renown, is the martial art of Muay Thai. Exciting enough on TV - the furious punches, crushing elbow strikes, lethal kicks and artful feints are even more riveting when seen live. Thai Boxing, THB500 for the show...Mahal.
Boxing Stadium

Petrol kiosk

White sandy beach, sangat-sangat cantik. Amazing.
Karon-Kata Beach

Don't forget to rent a bike because "merempit" is the best way to explore Phuket

Menatang pelik

Gajah di ternak merata-rata

Big Buddha Viewpoint -  The huge image sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata and at 45 metres high it is easily seen from far away.The place in the hills, would be perfect not just as a viewpoint, but as the site for something much more ambitious. This is what they called "The Big Buddha". Besaq sungguh, according to Chief Sami it costly about RM30 million to developed this project.

Nak pi kubur pun ada signboard, hahahaha.

Phromthep Cape Viewpoint - the island's most photographed and perhaps best-known location. The view from the cape is like a huge eternity pool from which you can mentally project the far-flung shores of Sri Lanka and the Indian Subcontinent. Some people make the rather demanding trek down to the end of the cape’s promontory but most stay up in the viewing part for sunset. By the car park there is a handicrafts shop and a series of stalls that sell shells, batik, snacks, sarongs, shawls, toys and beachwear.

Letih meronda kita singgah makan dulu. Just for your info, this Makcik Satay accept Malaysia Ringgit. Sedap sate ni. Makcik, bungkus sate "cinonot ayam" dua.

Patong Beach is not only famous for its white sand and blue sea rather it is quite famous for its sports activities.

If you walking around Patong then you will see "Teh Tarik Malaysia" stall, sedap dan murah.

At night, the city is transformed into a sea of neon lights and hedonistic delights in the Bangla Road and Paradise Complex areas. Gay and lesbian lifestyles are widely accepted in Patong, and the Paradise Complex caters primarily to this crowd, although it's not unusual for straight and gay party-goers to mix it up in the entertainment districts.
Visitors can dine finely, enjoy the company of a local girl, boy, or Ladyboy, visit a local go-go bar for a show, beer bar for a drink, or shake their booty at one of the discotheques pounding and pulsating throughout the city.

Jom balik, jumpa lagi. Bye...Bye..


  1. bdasarkan ayat di line 17 "hand-made items like silk scarves and jewellery." abg pendek/buntat xdak bwk blik utk kkaseh pon.

  2. Bdasarkan caption pd gambar "Gajah di ternak merata-rata" pandai nuh gajah bwk motor..

    :) selamat hari raya, yusri.