Monday, April 16, 2012

Batu Hampar Recreational Forest

Located in the district of Yan, KedahThe park is famous for its waterfall. Sungai Raga flows through the forest park. The park is situated within Gunung Jerai Forest Reserve consisting of lowland dipterocarp forest. The crystal clear Sungai Raga and its cascades and waterfalls are the other main natural heritage of the park. Situated in compartment 19 of Gunung Jerai Forest Reserve and gazetted as Batu Hampar Recreational Forest. Present status as recreational forest under the care of Sungai Petani Forestry Department. Accessibility in the park is convenient with bridges and paved paths. The upper waterfalls are along the fencing of the royal cottage. Parking lots are available and police was seen making rounds as the park is beside the royal cottage. Entrance to the park is free. No parking fee. Need permission to camp overnight. No chalet facilities in the park. At the furthest point of the park is the Royal Cottage of the Sultan of Kedah. The recreational forest offers numerous facilities including gazebos, washrooms, bridges, surau and halls for recreational activities. Campsite facilities available. There are several villages from Yan Besar to the recreational forest. Suitable activities are swimming, camping, picnic, trekking and jogging. The park was popular among the locals during the 1990s. Restriction to enter the upper falls due to security reason beside the royal cottage. According to locals,there are not many foreign tourists visiting the park. The number of visitors has dwindled during the dry seasons making it not conducive for swimming.


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