Friday, April 20, 2012

Lumut Perak

Located at the West coast of Perak, Teluk Batik is the most popular beach in Lumut – the major entrance to Pulau Pangkor. Teluk Batik is only 6km away from Lumut town. It’s one of the main preference of getaway for local since it’s accessible by car if compare to Pulau Pangkor where you need another 15 minutes ferry ride. Teluk Batik will be seen crowded during weekend and public holidays. Picnic, swimming and water sports are the regular activities at Teluk Batik.

I was there a few times and I love to be there. The water may not as crystal clear as what you get in Redang or Sipadan, nevertheless but it is still very much better than most places in the country. The beach is not bad either, with clear and golden sandy beaches surrounded by hills and forest reserves. A perfect getaway for holidays, family day outing, or just for people who are looking for a place to relax themselves. 

But this trip so exciting for me because we didn't plan to be there. "Akai 5 minit", that is my style. Without any preparations, we arrive Teluk Batik early in the morning and what so surprising, we only have RM50...Total collection money for our expenses there. Orang tua-tua kata "haru biru".

Alang-alang dah sampai pantai kan, tunggu apa lagi...terus terjun mandi la...Seronok dulu susah kemudian..Hehehe.. We really enjoyed there. 

It was time for us to leave the beach. All of us feel very hunger, so we decide to use tele-hayat(roger some1 to bankin sum amount into our account). Syukur Alhamdulillah, bantuan di terima. Hehehe...We heading to Lumut. 

At one point my friend shouted to me "wei,ada batu Dugong la,jom kita p lepak situ", so we decide to stop there. That place known as Marina Wing Esplanade Lumut. The place are so interesting with beautiful landscape and unique thombstone.  

Perut sudah kenyang, penuh sudah barang so we continue our journey back to Alor Setar.