Monday, April 16, 2012

Kampung Pulau Sayak

Kampung Pulau Sayak is a small fishing village and also gourmet paradise for delicious mee udang. There are a few homestay at the village. Kampung Pulau Sayak is also observation stations for the "anak bulan" of Ramadan. Kampung Pulau Sayak is located about 30km from Sungai Petani. Few years ago I experienced myself camping there with my friends. We was invited by our friend to have a dinner at her residence there. 

After the dinner, we was brought to the seaside to have a BBQ. We decide to have a camp on the beach while doing BBQ.

After finished set up the tent, we make preparations to start our BBQ party. " Beach BBQ Party". Every one have their own responsibility and duty to be completed.We shared the joy that night. 

We drink together,eat together,make a funny things and many more. And we was visited by "Tok Wan Janggut". We give slot for Tok Wan Janggut to share history of Pulau Sayak. We really impressed with the Tok Wan Janggut story.

It's already late and we decide to end up our BBQ.

The Next Day : Some of us going swimming but some more just relax on the beach.

This photo was taken before we going back.

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