Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Koh Lipe, Hidden Gem Of Thailand

Did anyone of you know where is "Koh Lipe"?
Maybe some of us never heard "Koh Lipe"...
Koh Lipe is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand and also known as "Maldives Of Thailand". Located at Tarutao Marine Park, Koh Lipe is easily accessible as there are many ways to get here especially from Phuket, Ko Lanta, Tammalang, Pak Barra and also Langkawi Island in Malaysia.

crystal clear water

 The waters here are amazingly crystal clear while the unspoiled beaches are donned with pure white sand.
 Nightlife here are so relaxing. Maybe you can have drink at restaurant and cafe or maybe you can go to massage.

local people aka orang laut

 If you wish to feel fresh seafood, they got it here.

If you wanna find a place to rest you mind, Koh Lipe is the answer. So what are you waiting for.