Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tree Top Cable Ride - Koh Samui

Located on the mountain near Tanim Magic Buddha Garden in the south east of Samui, this is the longest cable ride I do. The cable which is 730 meters long is considered as the longest cable ride in Koh Samui. 

starting platform

 All equipment and cable are being supervised, so nothing to be worried. Participants are locked onto the cable at all the times, even when they are on the tree platforms. Crew members are always there to assist you and ensure your safety. At all the times you are locked on and you cannot fall! (tapi kalau dah takdir nk jadi apa2,x boleh nak kata apa la)

 You will see mountain views, orchid gardens, farm jungles, river, ocean, islands.

yg mana gayat boleh ikut cara ni (pakai spek hitam)
 Soft drinks and fruit will be served to you after your ride. An adventure that you will never forget.

After your cables ride, you can walk through the Orchid Forest and enjoy viewing all the rare and exotic plants also the local scenery. 
p/s : kalau singgah kot samui, pi la cuba no.


  1. org yg gayat pn bole brflying fox kan..

    1. haha,tau x pa..syaratnya kena pakai spek hitam ja